How to Choose a Roommate

Avoid making that same mistake!

You’re probably here because your roommate is driving you crazy or about to unleash that monster inside you. Take deep breaths, you’re right where you’re supposed to be. “How to Choose a Roommate” is the perfect guide for you to make the perfect choice, when it comes to choosing a roommate. Not many people are able to pull this task off, without being a victim to the process. Become that chosen one to make this choice right!


The Old Cycle of Finding a Roommate


Putting up an Ad

You spread the word or put up an Ad, and suddenly overwhelmed with multiple interested people.


Scanning the Candidates

You screen the candidates, not knowing exactly how to do so. Suddenly you connect with someone so strongly that you take a risk based on your judgment.


Make the Bad Choice

Soon to realize that you made a huge mistake. He/she is not what you expected them to be. The bubble bursts, forcing you to make a decision.


Repeat the Process

You get rid of the troublemaker, in pursuit of another one. Back to square zero, looking for candidates yet again.

About the book

How to Choose a Roommate

This book was written for the sole purpose of helping others avoid the many pitfalls of choosing a roommate. Our intent and feelings are generally good when we decide to take on a roommate. All the variances of why we are making this decision differ from one person to the next. It could help you financially, or just as well help a friend, acquaintance, or family member in need. There are more of us than you realize that needs a constant companion, and does not like to be alone.

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Andrew Mote

Andrew Mote

Andrew Mote has an immeasurable knack for writing, as well as his love for acting and his kids. Action, thrillers, and comedy are his strong points, but his love for writing is extreme. He has a long background of evaluating the psyche of others, teaching, and customer service. Well known from his colleagues of having a big heart for anyone and anything good and positive, and his writing is intended to give others helpful information to open the eyes and mind to all life’s discrepancies in an effort to go around them instead of through them. Why suffer pain when you don’t have to?

He makes every attempt to put his readers in touch with what is actually happening when they are reading. If you can put yourself in a “that could-happen-to-me” situation, then you are grasping exactly what Andrew is trying to portray. His time of having roommates, when in college and out, as well as talking with others who were in similar situations, was put in this book to help the many that had to pay a heavy sacrifice when they did not do their homework when choosing a roommate.

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